Hiring for the Right Job: Why Landscaping Companies aren’t a Good Choice for Hardscapes

Hiring for the Right Job: Why Landscaping Companies aren’t a Good Choice for Hardscapes

Simply Put: For a Landscaping company, hardscaping is a subcategory for something that shouldn’t be anything but a separate company


By nature, a landscaping company’s specialty is landscaping, not hardscaping. A perfectly fine choice if you’re looking to have your grass cut, plants installed, an irrigation system installed, but if you need a patio or deck installed, you want a company whose specialty is in these areas. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to do your plumbing work. It’s two different areas of expertise.


That is what we do. We specialize in Hardscaping. We never cut grass or install irrigation systems. We focus on creating the highest quality hardscapes that will last many decades.



For many landscaping companies, they will install a patio or deck if requested. However, the skill and knowledge for a lasting patio is not something that naturally coincides. Kansas City Hardscapes is full of true craftsman with licensing and experience. Our crews have been doing hardscaping year-round for 10+ years. Since the landscaping companies only do hardscaping as they come, the experience of installed projects can probably be counted on one hand.


We are constantly working to keep up to date with upcoming and new information for how to produce the best hardscapes. We attend paver company showcases and training classes. We attend the annual hardscape convention. We are constantly working to understand how to give you the best product. Our constant diligence and focus on hardscaping allows for a quicker, higher quality installation. A quick, cheap patio can mean a product that will not last and end up costing more than doing it right the first time. If you’re buying a new car, you’re not looking for the cheapest option because you want this product to last. The same mindset should be used for a patio, or you’ll end up at the mechanic with your car and seeing your patio settle and become uneven.


We recommend looking at the reviews and pictures of completed projects. Many landscaping companies say they offer hardscaping but their reviews and pictures of completed projects do not reflect that they have experience, particularly good experience, with installation.


At Kansas City Hardscapes, we want to make sure that you are in the best hands when it comes to installing a hardscape. We are not saying that landscaping companies are the bad guys, just the wrong guys. Make the right decision for your family and your home. Call Kansas City Hardscapes for a free estimate on your new hardscape.


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