3D Designs

At Kansas City Hardscapes we try to make the process of adding an outdoor living space as easy as possible. One of the main ways we do that is by giving our homeowners a 3D design of what they are looking for. Some people can visualize what a 2D drawing on a piece of grid paper is going to look like in real life, but most people can’t. That’s why we think it’s easier for both parties if we do a 3D design for each proposal. Does this take more work? Yes, but we feel it’s worth it. It’s just one more way Kansas City Hardscapes goes the extra mile when installing outdoor living spaces for our Kansas City neighbors. The 3D designs are available to all for a small additional fee that will be refunded if you decide to choose us for your project!

3D Design – Parkville

Finished Project – Parkville

Beth Sloan Patio

3D Design – Lenexa

Finished Project – Lenexa

3D Design – Shawnee

Finished Project – Shawnee

3D Design – Overland Park

Finished Project – Overland Park

If you’re ready to see what your ideas for your outdoor living space would look like in a 3D design, then schedule a meeting with one of our designers now: