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The Best Lighting Options for Your Backyard Retreat

With the weather cooling down now in Kansas City, we are all looking forward to spending more time outside. Adding a hardscaping structure in your backyard creates the perfect atmosphere for spending time with your family and friends. The hardscaping structures built by Kansas City Hardscapes are highly functional, providing multiple options of comfortable seating, shade, and a place to cook meals. Additionally, we strive to make outdoor spaces beautiful, using a wide variety of materials to create your ideal space, and we recommend finishing it off by adding lighting.

Why Add Lighting to Your Outdoor Space?

Adding lighting to your backyard retreat serves a few different purposes. Although we want to spend more time outdoors now, the sun unfortunately often sets before we do. With ample lighting, you can keep your space illuminated during late nights and early mornings, giving you the flexibility to entertain or relax outdoors at any hour. Additionally, the addition of outdoor lighting also allows you to decorate your space according to your unique tastes. There are so many lighting options, and each can be used to create the atmosphere you desire for your backyard retreat.

The Best Lighting Options for Your Backyard Retreat

When it comes to illuminating your backyard retreat, your options are practically endless. With so many choices, you are sure to be able to create a beautiful and functional space in your backyard. Here are few of the best lighting options that are most popular with homeowners building hardscaping structures in their backyards:

  • Mounted lights can be used to illuminate a specific area of your backyard retreat and are commonly used on seating walls or fire pits.
  • Lighting for your steps, whether they are built into the structure or placed nearby, are not only beautiful but provide added safety for those climbing up and down stairs during twilight hours.
  • Lighting on columns, placed correctly, can bring ample light to an outdoor space. These are especially beautiful when placed around a pool.
  • A pergola provides shade during the day, but can also be used a foundation for lighting at night. The options for lighting on pergola are endless, you can install can lights during the building process or add string lights after the project is complete.
  • Uplights, like column lights, are the perfect way to bring a lot of light to your space. These lights look great placed along the base of the house or underneath large trees and shrubs.
  • Any area of your outdoor retreat that will receive foot traffic should be well lit in order to keep your space safe. Through the use of path lighting, or light along walkways, you can be sure your family and guests can see where they are walking.

What You Need to Know About Adding Lighting to Your Outdoor Space

If you plan on adding lighting of any kind to your outdoor space, it is important to include this element in the earliest hardscaping plans. This is because the electrical elements should be built into your space, and this is most easily accomplished while building the structure instead of after the fact.

If you are a homeowner in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 816.499.2547 to visit with one of our experienced hardscaping specialists about designing and constructing hardscaping for your outdoor space.

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