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An outdoor living space is a great addition to a modern home. An investment in an outdoor kitchen can last for years, and more and more families are choosing to install outdoor kitchens as part of their hardscape design.

Outdoor kitchens are so popular right now because it extends your living space into the outdoors, and with the ability to customize your outdoor living as much as you want, you can design an outdoor hardscape to exactly what you want. Furthermore, the pandemic and the work from home shift have enticed people to redo the space where they spend the most time.

1.    Entertain outdoors

Outdoor living is a great way to entertain guests, whether family or friends. Indoor spaces have limited capacity, but your outdoor living space can extend further. You can also design a hardscape beyond your outdoor kitchen to include patio furnishings, heaters, lights and music which makes for a great space to enjoy. That way, your guests can still hang with the cook without a crowded kitchen.

2.    Increase your home’s value

Since they are becoming more sought after, you can get a high rate of return for your outdoor kitchen. Buyers are looking for homes with an outdoor living space, and Forbes explains outdoor kitchens are “trending strongly and richly, with more enhancements than ever before.” Outdoor kitchens are long-lasting, so you can get plenty of use out of them for years to come while adding value if you ever decide to sell your home.

3.    Extend your living space

Building an outdoor living space can be quicker and less expensive than adding another room to your house. For birthdays, holidays, or just a regular evening relaxation you can use your outdoor living space for a variety of occasions that extends your indoor space.

4.    Keep smells outdoors

Cooking indoors can stink up your house, especially when cooking seafood or deep-fried foods. You can also make your indoor kitchen smokey, but with an outdoor kitchen, you can keep those smells and the smoke outside. This is especially true in the summer months when the heat can make smoke and smells feel even stronger. Outdoor kitchens can also be designed with a chimney to remove smoke (and smells) safely and effectively.

5.    Save on eating out

Eating out adds up quickly but cooking in can save you money. With an outdoor kitchen, you may be enticed to eat in more. Instead of commuting to a restaurant, you can commute to the patio! Plus, since COVID-19 forced many people to stay home, the food delivery market has tripled. Consumers are spending more eating out and ordering in than ever before. So, rather than eating out, invest in a space that you can use for home cooking for years.

If you’re interested in designing hardscapes or an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to work with professionals. Contact us to discuss your outdoor kitchen design.

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