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Where to Start: Project Questions

Patio and Fire Pit Combo

Whether you’re having a new outdoor living space added to your home or you are renovating a current patio one of the biggest decisions you have is what features to include. A few things to keep in mind while you are looking through the possibilities for your hardscape project:

  • What are we wanting to use this space for?
  • How large will our gatherings be?
  • Can we fit our “wow factors” into our budget?

Let’s quickly break each of these down. First, what are you wanting to use this space for the most? Is your outdoor space going to be winding down during relaxing evenings with the occasional hosted party? Or are you wanting to be the go-to backyard for events? Maybe you want a fun place for all ages to spend quality time together?

Now that you’re thinking about the functionality of your space, let’s ask other important questions. Is this space going to be for a few close friends or family members? Are you wanting 10-20 people there? Larger? Do you want to have patio furniture or built-in seating? Is this a space you want completely open for entertaining, or should there be a natural flow for different features and spaces?

With these questions, you have probably started picturing a design in your head. The next question: can you fit your “wow factors” into your budget? This is a question we get a lot. Ultimately there isn’t a simple answer – your needs, your wants, and your budget all come together to decide the final design. We specialize in working through all of your options and designing the best possible living space. That said, there are a few ways to make sure your “wow” features are part of your design without breaking your budget!

Design and Budget: What Goes Where?

Consider wall block versus veneer for grill stations, fireplaces, seating walls, etc. Wall block is still beautiful and can still have unique features without the expense veneer requires. Also, think of the sizing and structure of each feature: 6ft versus 8ft grill stations, seating walls with backrests versus without, typical fireplaces versus large ones; while the 8ft grill station may make sense if you’re a master on the grill, maybe that means a smaller fireplace would suit your budget better! Lastly, we do offer extremely easy financing with Lightstream. The application and approval process is entirely in your hands and can often be a great way to get that final “wow factor” touch.

Here is a breakdown of the top five features we install at Kansas City Hardscapes:

  • Fireplaces – These are one of the easiest ways to add a beautifully unique focal point to your patio! They’re also wonderful for the chilly fall and winter weather we have here in the Midwest.
  • Fire Pits – Easily the easiest patio feature to make memories around. Whether you’re wanting s’mores and spooky stories or a relaxing fire light to wind down beside a fire pit can’t be beat.
  • Grill Stations – Grill stations are how you set yourself apart! Have a game on the TV, great food on the grill, and your favorite company on the patio. What could possibly make for a better evening than that?
  • Pergolas – Anyone who has spent a summer in the Midwest knows the sun is brutal! Pergolas are a fantastic way to add shade and curb appeal.
  • Seating Walls – A personal favorite, the seating wall can add a beautiful touch of sophistication while dramatically increasing your entertainment area. These are multi-functional and can really take a space from pretty to beautiful in a snap!

You can also check out our What We Do page for more project ideas!

Seating Wall And Patio

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