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With only five days until the official start of the Fall season, what are some ways you can enjoy the changing weather in the comfort of your own home?

One way to spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy the outdoors is to roast s’mores over the fire. What better way to do this in your own backyard with a fire pit?! There are many versions of fire pits to choose from some of which include wood burning fire pits and gas burning fire pits. To decide which is best for you, consider budget, upkeep, and the overall feel of the space.

Another way to celebrate the fall season is to go stargazing. There are four major meteor showers this fall: Orionids (about 20 meteors per hour with its peak being October 20th), Southern Taurids (about 5 meteors per hour with its peak being October 29), Northern Taurids ( about 5 meteors per hour with its peak being November 11th ), and lastly the Leonids (about 15 meteors per hour with its peak being November 16th). The Geminids also, technically, take place during the fall however since it’s in December we tend to think of it more as a winter meteor shower. With all of these meteor showers, this makes it the perfect time to stargaze. A great way to stargaze with loved ones is under your brand new pergola.


Lastly, fall time means football! The NCAA  and NFL football games are now in motion! What better way to enjoy the game than with a small group of friends and some great food prepared in your pizza oven or grill station?! One of our favorite projects featured both a grill station and pizza oven for the perfect game day celebration!

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