Frequently Asked Questions


We want to provide the best quality of service possible which means our average project is between $25,000-$35,000. This price includes labor costs, clean up costs, design costs, and material costs.
According to the Washington Post, many home owners have seen ROI's ranging from "100 percent to 1,000 percent." It can increase your home value as much as 20 percent!
94% recommend sprucing up your yard to increase curb appeal. You can check out more info on this topic with our blog post.
We try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our pricing. In fact, we actually have a calculator that you can use once you get into the design process with one of our designers! We try to avoid being pushy so our pricing typically stands however if you would like to omit something from the design that would make pricing go down and vice versa.


Typically the best thing to do is find what you want online on sites such as: Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, Facebook, Google images, etc. so that our designer's can look at a visual of the theme you would like.
We use a computer program to give you a 2D computerized rendering and a 3D design! You can see more about our process here.
We have done and continue to do patios, decks, grill stations, fire places, fire pits, pools, steps, walkways, etc. The only backyard and front yard area we don't do is plants and flowers.
We feel stamped concrete is a temporary fix for the problem, it looks nice for about 3-5 years, but like with all concrete, after this time frame it tends to crack and the color will tend to fade as well. We can install it, but typically advise against it due to the previously mentioned reasons. If you are looking to sell your home, this would be a good option, however if you are in your forever home we would advise against it.
Yes! We build decks of all sorts! To check out some of our projects featuring decks, be sure to head on over to the portfolio and deck pages!


Typically we are about 3-4 months out on our production schedule. Meaning, if you're wanting your outdoor space to be ready for a party or event that is 6 months away, you need to start moving pretty quickly to ensure it gets installed in time. This can also differ based on the time of the year. In Winter, our schedule might only be 2 months out, but in the Summer months we can get out as far as 5-6 months. Keep in mind, if you're wanting an outdoor living project you can enjoy now, the best time to schedule that was 9 months ago. The 2nd best time is today. 😉
The entire process, from the first design call to having a cold drink in your outdoor space usually takes about 4-6 months. Typically clients sign their contract a month from their first design call and will go into our schedule for installation. We are scheduling about 2-4 and then about 2 weeks for installation brings the total process time to 4-6 weeks. The sooner you sign up the sooner you can enjoy a nice cold drink!
On average, our projects take about 1-2 weeks- some longer, some shorter. Typically you can plan on a week for every $15,000 that you spend on your project, so a $30,000 outdoor space would take around 2 weeks.
In the order we receive deposits for our projects is the order we add projects to the schedule, unless there are very rare circumstances. Due to the fact that many projects require concrete to be poured and other hardscaping aspects that require minimal to no rain, bad weather such as rain can push the timeline of projects back a couple days to a couple weeks depending on the amount and duration of rain.


You will typically want to keep off of the project until we are completely done. This is because sometimes we have materials that are part of the project that take a while to set such as mortar, etc.
We typically clean up at the end of every day. At the end of the project we clean everything up, put down seed and topsoil, and straw on any part of your yard that happened to get muddled due to machines workers, etc.
Do not fear! We can usually add a water feature or fire pit at any point unless it's gas and we needed to run a gas line under the patio.


Yes, all of our projects are made to be outside all year long. Most of our pavers have lifetime warranties!
Yes we do! You can check them out here! We have Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Angie's List, Pinterest, Home Advisor, etc.
Hardscaping, our area of expertise, means that we typically handle everything in your yard that isn't alive. Our foreman and crew are stonemasons, concrete men, and carpenters but we can sure get you in contact with reputable landscapers who handle all of the living aspects of your outdoor yard space.
99% of our projects are completed by our crews and foreman. We do use electricians and plumbers for more intricate and odd aspects that require the use of plumbers and electricians.
Yes we are! We have general liability insurance, worker's comp insurance, insurance on all vehicles and equipment that belong to the company, and lastly all certifications and licenses one would need to install outdoor projects.
We do not install full irrigation systems, however we can move and reroute irrigation systems on 95% of our installation projects. It mainly comes down to personal preference, sometimes clients prefer to have someone who specializes in irrigation move their systems and some prefer to have us do it!