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Choosing between an outdoor fireplace and firepit really depends on how you plan to use either one. Sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows with family and friends is more typical with a firepit while adding an elegant ambiance to an outdoor pavilion is more likely accomplished with a fireplace.

While both a fireplace and firepit can provide warmth to outdoor living, knowing what each does best can help you make the right decision for your space. Check out the pros and cons of each before you decide.

Fireplace – more decorative

Outdoor fireplaces add a decorative element to your hardscape and are often installed near an outdoor television. A fireplace is a perfect romantic addition to an outdoor living or dining space and creates an intimate experience ideal for smaller groups.


  • An elegant addition to your patio.
  • Smoke is channeled up through a chimney.
  • Often is an addition to a pavilion, with a television.
  • Can be used even in rainy weather, if added to a pavilion or pergola.


  • More limited on seating since guests can only sit in front of it.
  • Takes up much more space than firepits.
  • Will be more expensive and may take longer to install.

Firepit – more functional

Firepits are a great central point in your yard for a larger gathering of people. Firepits are functional; whether it’s making s’more’s, swapping stories, or just warming your hands by the fire, gathering around a firepit is an interactive experience.


  • Offers more social interaction because people can face each other in a circle around it.
  • Typically, way less expensive than an outdoor fireplace.
  • Easy to use and can fit in effortlessly with existing outdoor furnishings.  
  • Besides s’mores, firepits are great for cooking hotdogs and other food items. (No grill needed!)


  • Custom-built firepits cannot be moved, so you better be sure before you build it!
  • Smoke blows with the wind, but a professional installation company will design it to keep the smoke away from the patio as much as possible.
  • Open fires are dangerous around children and pets, so you may need safety grates to protect them.

Or, both?

If you really can’t choose between a firepit and an outdoor fireplace, then consider getting both! There’s nothing wrong with adding a fireplace to the pavilion and a firepit to another section of the yard to provide extra space for guests to gather and get warm. You can always work with us to build a custom design that suits your needs. Schedule a meeting to get started.

Whatever you go with, you can’t go wrong. Both a fireplace and firepit will add value to your property and create a functional, focal outdoor living space where you can gather together with loved ones at any time of the year. 

Check out our website at to find out more information on fire features and all things having to do with outdoor living!

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