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Happy Halloween!

With Halloween right around the corner, the holiday will look a little different this year. Many families are opting to simply visit friends’ or relatives’ houses versus go door to door, but this doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your outdoor area to show off your Halloween spirit! This project, for example, has a bit of a “spooky” feel to it. It features a nice, big paver patio and paver steps: super simple yet creates a dynamic and beautiful outdoor space that is transformed into a spooky space for friends and family! To celebrate this quirky holiday, here are some fun facts from 

pumpkin-01-285x300-1 It’s said that Ireland is the origin of Halloween

pumpkin-01-285x300-1 Houdini, the famous magician, died on Halloween night in 1926

pumpkin-01-285x300-1 Halloween has been around for 6,000 years

pumpkin-01-285x300-1 The average person spends about $66.28 for Halloween

What are you doing this Halloween? Make sure to give us a call if you’d like to have a spooky patio or fireplace for next year’s Halloween! We’re booking into May currently!

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