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In your outdoor living space, without outdoor lighting it can be difficult to transition from day to night. When your hardscape design is an outdoor extension of your home, including an outdoor kitchen, seating and dining, you need outdoor lighting to enjoy these spaces throughout the year and evening.

Why you need outdoor lighting

Not only can outdoor lighting increase the usability and beauty of your hardscapes, but it can also increase your safety and security. Lighting your outdoor path at night will increase safety by helping you see while walking along stairs and walkways. Also, consider any side paths or gates that will need lighting.

But, most importantly, you’ve spent time and money to make your yard special, so why not increase its usability of it after sunset? Whether it’s a romantic evening or a late night get-together, outdoor lighting will make all the difference in your hardscape design.

Where to put outdoor lighting

Where to put outdoor lighting in your hardscapes will depend on what you need it for and how you want to spend time in your outdoor space. For safety, you should illuminate walkways, stairs and driveways. To beautify your yard, you can also use outdoor lighting on trees or other focal points. A fire pit can also provide some lighting at night, but you will still need some lighting to and from the firepit. We recommend lighting around the fire pit, seating areas, in an outdoor kitchen and anywhere else that gets a lot of traffic.

Best type of lighting for outdoors

You shouldn’t put just any type of lighting outdoors! Certain lightbulbs are designed to be used outdoors, as some cannot withstand the elements. LED is one of the best types of outdoor lighting because they use less energy and can be left on for up to 50,000 hours without needing to be replaced or without hurting your electricity bill. LEDs are also less likely to overheat, even when left on for hours at a time. You can also put lighting undercover if you are concerned about it being exposed to rain.

If you’re concerned about your electricity usage, you can install outdoor lighting without electricity. For instance, you could use tiki torches, candles, solar panels or battery-powered lighting, or a mix of them all. Solar-powered outdoor lighting can be an effective and eco-friendly way to add lighting to your hardscape.  

Best outdoor lighting color temperature: cool vs. Warm

As far as the best color for outdoor lighting, we recommend soft, warm white lighting because it will create a more inviting, friendly atmosphere. Cool white lighting can appear more unnatural, giving a sense of unease.

Get an outdoor lighting consultation

Outdoor lighting is not just for Christmas lights; it’s great year-round for making your outdoor living space more beautiful and usable. Working with a professional can help ensure you illuminate your hardscape design with a consultation unique to your yard. Contact us to install outdoor lighting in your hardscape design today!

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