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Picture of a fiber glass pool

Did you know:

Fiberglass pools originated in the 60’s and many of the originals are still being used today? Groovy!

Why is that important?

It means that fiber glass pools last a long time, more than most pools. In fact there are no major renovations required after installation versus the common “vinyl liner which needs it’s liner replaced every 7-10 years!” That’s just one perk of deciding to install a fiber glass pool……so what are the others? 

  • Low maintenance
  • Algae is able to be swept of the wall with a brush
  • Saves 20%-40% on electricity compared to other pool types
  • Only takes days to install versus weeks or months
  • Built in factory versus on site
  • Warranties are typically longer
  • Stands up to weather and other types of deterioration- in the Midwest, this is super beneficial
  • Overall savings
  • Eco friendly! 

***Give us a call and we can help you decide if a fiberglass pool is a good fit for you! 


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