Perks of Fiber Glass Pools

Perks of Fiber Glass Pools


Did you know:


Fiberglass pools originated in the 60’s and many of the originals are still being used today? Groovy!



Why is that important?

It means that fiber glass pools last a long time, more than most pools. In fact there are no major renovations required after installation versus the common “vinyl liner which needs it’s liner replaced every 7-10 years!” That’s just one perk of deciding to install a fiber glass pool……so what are the others? 


Low maintenance


Algae is able to be swept of the wall with a brush


Saves 20%-40% on electricity compared to other pool types


Only takes days to install versus weeks or months


Built in factory versus on site


Warranties are typically longer


Stands up to weather and other types of deterioration- in the Midwest, this is super beneficial


Overall savings


Eco friendly! 



***Give us a call and we can help you decide if a fiberglass pool is a good fit for you! 




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