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The Features

  • Paver Patio
  • Fire Pit
  • Cedar Deck
  • Fireplace
  • Seating Wall
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Lighting
  • Pizza Oven

The Process


This is the canvas that we started with. This backyard was a pretty standard “before” backyard with a simple deck that was outdated. But as you can see, with a little help from us, it can be much more!

2D Drawing

We start with the initial ideas and then comes the 2D drawing. This allows the homeowner to see the overall layout, make modifications if needed, and to make sure everything they want is in the project.

3D Design

The 3D design really brings life to the customer’s idea. This allows for the idea to be shown at different angles and for everyone to be able to visualize what the project will look like in the end and allow for easy changes prior to construction.

The Final Product

This project does an incredible job of showcasing what the benefits of updating your backyard can do for you! The deck got a total makeover that allowed for a more modern and safe area to entertain as well as utilize their new grill station, fire pit, and paver patio!

Whether you’re wanting to sit out and make some s’mores with friends around the fire pit, or want to bond with your son at the grill, this is a perfect place to do it. And with the deck means you can walk right out of your house and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee in hand while letting the kids enjoy the outdoors!

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