Paver Patio

Seating Wall

Yard Leveling


Stone Veneer

Fire Pit

Mulch Bed

Partial Overlay



This client started with a partial patio; we knew that patio was in great shape, but there was a lot of work to be done for the other half of the space!

2D Drawing

Knowing the wants and needs of the client, the designer planned to extend their current patio to better align with the home and offer them a beautiful and functional space.

3D Design

Our 3D renders help the customer really envision what the end product will look like. Sometimes, like with this project, the materials almost make it look like a whole different rendering!


At the top of this customer’s list was a functional entertainment space — they host guests frequently! Knowing this, our designer and the client paired up and envisioned a beautiful patio spanning the entire back of the house. We were able to keep the concrete base and pour to match it before finally overlaying it with pavers. This was a great cost-benefit that allowed room in the budget for an upgrade to veneer! All the verticle elements of this space showcase a beautiful Kentucky Cutface veneer — we even pulled the material onto the back-edge of the house, offsetting the bold deck on the right side with an equally beautiful design element.


Whether it is an autumn fire in their wood-burning fire pit, a rainy summer evening below their deck, or an open-air dinner party in the open patio space, this customer has a great start to any event they host!