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Tips for Decorating Your Hardscape for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, there’s no better time than now to start thinking about ways to transform your hardscape into a winter wonderland. From adding lights and decorations to creating cozy seating areas, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your…

December 18, 2022

Stone Veneer vs Brick Fireplaces

Both stone veneer and brick fireplaces make good choices for your outdoor living space, so choosing between the two will be a matter of preferences and priorities. Are you looking to get something up quickly? Then go with a brick fireplace. Or, are you looking…

November 16, 2022

Outdoor Lighting Makes All The Difference

In your outdoor living space, without outdoor lighting it can be difficult to transition from day to night. When your hardscape design is an outdoor extension of your home, including an outdoor kitchen, seating and dining, you need outdoor lighting to enjoy these spaces throughout…

September 30, 2022

Get Started

Ready to get started?Send us a video of your project! First, watch the video below to understand our process!Next, simply fill out the form below and we will send you a text message with a link to upload a video. A video submission allows us…

September 15, 2022

Fire pit and seating wall

Wood Burning Fire Pits Vs Gas Fire Pits: Which Is Best for You?

When deciding between a wood-burning fire pit and a gas fire pit, both are attractive options for your outdoor living space. When you picture roasting s’mores in your backyard, the end goal is the same. However, there are differences between a wood-burning fire pit and…

July 04, 2022

Patio Gathering Place

Timeline for an Outdoor Living Project

An outdoor living project can take anywhere from two to three weeks or more, depending on the scope of the project. Building out a timeline in advance can help you set expectations for your hardscape project. But there are also some things you can do…

June 06, 2022

What is the Difference Between Pergolas and Pavilions?

How to Choose the Right Structure for Your Hardscape Pergolas and pavilions are similar structures often found in parks, yards and hardscapes. However, a pavilion has a closed roof while a pergola has a roof made of open salts. Both structures will offer some shade…

May 02, 2022

Top 5 Hardscape Trends for 2022

Outdoor living is a perfect way to spend your time in 2022, especially with the weather warming up. Spring is ideal to start planning your hardscape design that you can enjoy this season, and many more to come. If you’re considering adding a hardscape design…

April 01, 2022

Grill Station

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor living space is a great addition to a modern home. An investment in an outdoor kitchen can last for years, and more and more families are choosing to install outdoor kitchens as part of their hardscape design. Outdoor kitchens are so popular right…

March 02, 2022

2021 Projects

February 22, 2022