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Both stone veneer and brick fireplaces make good choices for your outdoor living space, so choosing between the two will be a matter of preferences and priorities. Are you looking to get something up quickly? Then go with a brick fireplace. Or, are you looking for something that will take more time upfront but will last for years? Then a stone veneer fireplace is a better option. Or, perhaps you want to choose based on what will better match your home aesthetic.

Here’s everything you need to know to choose between stone veneer and brick fireplaces for hardscape design.

Brick Fireplace

Brick fireplaces are quite common and, as they are uniformly shaped, are typically very easy to install. Bricks can come in a variety of colors and textures so that you can match them to your existing hardscape design. Brick does, however, require more maintenance than a stone fireplace and since they are so common, they can also be considered old-fashioned and might not stand out as much as a stone fireplace.

Additionally, brick can change color over time with repeated use. Brick can be painted or stained later to change the color or fix the color changing. However, you can install stone veneer over brick hardscapes if you change your mind down the road


  • Simple to install, can DIY
  • Slightly less expensive


  • Harder to maintain
  • Changes color over time

Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stone veneer fireplaces are fairly easy to maintain and last for years. Plus, since every stone is unique, each outdoor fireplace will be one of a kind. Working with stone also gives you more flexibility to create your own design and be innovative, rather than a set design with brick. It’s a popular choice for a rustic design but can come in a variety of shapes and colors to fit your unique design.

However, the stone will be pricier, and the cost will range more than brick based on factors such as where the stone is from, how rare it is, and if it is natural or manufactured. Manufactured can range closer in price to brick. Stone is meant to last, and will beautify your outdoor living space for years.


  • Flexible to create a unique design
  • Required minimal maintenance


  • More upfront cost
  • Takes more time to install

A fireplace can last over 100 years, so you want to consider all your options when installing yours into hardscapes.Both stone and brick fireplaces are durable, functional additions to your outdoor living, and both are quite popular.Whether you go with brick or stone veneer, having a fireplace outside is a great addition to your outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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