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There are many choices for how to incorporate elements into a hardscape. Adding one or more of these components to your hardscape can create focal points and intertwine stone and concrete with nature’s beauty. Read on and consider what element you will include in your hardscape.


One of the most popular hardscape elements is fire. Whether it be a firepit or a fireplace, there are many designs to consider. Both fire pits and fireplaces naturally become a spot to gather around with friends and family. They offer lighting and heating once the sun starts to set, and the ambiance will keep the conversations flowing. Not only are there different sizes and shapes, but firepits allow the choice to burn wood or gas and have colored glass or decorative rock fill the space to create a more modern look.


Adding a water feature to your hardscape increases the aesthetics tenfold. Not only are they beautiful, but the sound of flowing water creates a relaxing atmosphere. Close your eyes and you’ll be taken from suburbia to a spot right next to a flowing creek.


The perfect addition to a hardscape is the surrounding landscape. Adding trees can create privacy, shade and bursts of color. Bordering flowers and other smaller greenery can expand the hardscape while adding texture and color. A mulch or decorative rock border can also be an excellent way to finish off the transition from the yard to the hardscape.


Taking an artistic license with the air element, we couldn’t leave out adding a pergola. Pergolas are a continuously growing trend allowing a place to add lighting, shade, hanging baskets, privacy and more. A pergola is an excellent place to have furniture under for outdoor meals or a sofa to relax on while the breeze allows absolute relaxation.

Whether you choose one or multiple elements to include in your hardscape, adding these components will have you spending more time with the family outdoors than ever before. Get your free estimate and 3D design by calling 816-488-2547 or schedule an appointment now!


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