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Outdoor living is a perfect way to spend your time in 2022, especially with the weather warming up. Spring is ideal to start planning your hardscape design that you can enjoy this season, and many more to come.

If you’re considering adding a hardscape design to your outdoor living space, then you may want to consider the top hardscape trends of 2022. Here are five hardscape design trends for 2022 to keep your space on-trend and to help you craft your ideal outdoor living space.

1.    Create Multipurpose Spaces

Your backyard plays many roles, so why not create a hardscape design that offers multiple functionalities? Your patio can be a space for relaxation, gardening, cooking, dining and hosting. You should consider all the functions you want to include in your outdoor living before planning your hardscape design.

Consider design elements that can convert throughout the seasons. For instance, a fireplace offers much needed warmth in winter and can provide a fun s’mores opportunity in the summer. Also consider how your hardscape can double as storage and seating. Finally, if you have weather considerations in your area, include in your hardscape design a way to shelter your patio from rain or snow, which can also provide shade in summer.

2.    Extend Space with An Outdoor Kitchen

We continually see outdoor kitchens increasing in popularity. Outdoor kitchens extend your living space outdoors, keeping smells outside and decreasing the distance you have to transport food! We’ve got an entire blog dedicated to outdoor kitchens in your hardscapes, so read more here.

3.    Find Fashionable Fire Pits & Lighting

Fireplaces and fire pits continue to be popular in outdoor hardscapes. But you can also expand your lighting beyond a fire pit with string lights, candles, mood lighting, or even outdoor heaters. Adding lighting to your hardscape design is not only fashionable but will extend the usability of your space into the late evening.

4.    Play With Color

Color is becoming a more important element in hardscape design, and overall design, in 2022. Monochromatic color design is popular right now, which involves using various shades of the same color. You can play with color using your furniture, plants and accessories. Or, add even more color to your outdoor living space with tiles, paint and lighting.

Color can also be used to add a focal point to your patio. For instance, if you want your fireplace or outdoor kitchen to be the center of attention, focus on adding color there. The 2022 color of the year is Evergreen Fog, which would be a great addition to your hardscape design.

5.    Use High Quality, Sustainable Materials

In 2022, sustainability is a major trend and not just in hardscape design. You should design your outdoor living space with high quality, sustainable materials. For instance, stone or gravel pathways can offer a natural way to avoid excess runoff. You may also build slopes or hillsides to control erosion. If you have trouble with flooding, consider a pond to recycle water to other areas of your yard.

Also consider how you can incorporate native plants which will thrive easier without fertilizer and pesticides and can help reduce your water usage and erosion. Local plants are a sustainable addition to hardscapes.

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