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Don’t forget to make time to recharge — and we don’t mean your electronics.


While spring is the perfect time for rebirth and renewal, we like to think that fall is the perfect time to recharge and reconnect with nature and those around us.


As we know, in our busy lives we can get so caught up in what is going on online and on social media, that we sometimes forget to make the time to reconnect to ourselves, to our passions, and with those around us!


One great way to do this is by being outside and getting back to nature. It can be a refreshing break from all the technology and it can be the perfect way to give yourself a little reset and give your mind some much needed rest.


But who says you have to do it alone? Take your family, take a friend, take your pet — take anyone you like — on this unplug challenge. Go and take new adventures, create new traditions, and make lifelong memories with those that mean the most to you!


Here are 10 great ways to ditch the screens this fall and reconnect with loved ones right outside on your hardscape:


1.      Build a fire and hang out with friends!

2.     Have a game night or tailgate party by the glow of the fire!


Pull out the yard games or Play a game of touch football!



3.      Grill or Roast veggies together outside for a tasty side or snack!

Here’s some great recipes for both grills or fire pits below:



4.      Host a holiday gathering with family on the patio!


For example, a fall cookie exchange would be fun for all ages! Here’s some great recipes to get you started:



5.      Curl up with a good book and blanket by the glow of a fire


6.      Harvest your outdoor garden or trim your flowers to make a Fall bouquet!



7.     Host an outdoor dinner party with old friends!


8.     Make some DIY decor or art outside with outdoor objects you can find in your backyard! Like a pine cone centerpiece or colorful leaf masterpiece! More fun fall projects below:



9.      Roast marshmallows on the fire or carve pumpkins on the patio with some hot apple cider!


Here’s some great pumpkin carving ideas for both advanced and beginners below:



10.   Give Back to Someone in Need!

Rake some leaves for an elderly neighbor or volunteer to help out at a local fundraiser or charity event! (The sky is the limit and what a great tradition to start with the whole family!)


Having a outdoor space that fits your passions and needs can help you and your family unplug from the technology and reconnect with the outdoors and more importantly, each other! Not only this fall but all year long!


Don’t take our word for it though — Ditch the phones, get outside, and see for yourself!


Special thanks to,, and for the Fall Fun Ideas!

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