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When you’re planning an outdoor living hardscape design, it can be difficult to get a real-life picture of your vision. Typically, designers use hand-drawn visualizations on paper which can give you an idea of your landscape design but have limitations. A 3D landscape design can give you much more detail, is easily customized or changed and is easier to share.

Here are six reasons why you should use a 3D design rather than a paper design for your outdoor living planning.

1.    Show more details

A 3D design is more detailed than a paper design. Our designers are extremely talented, but no one can match the detail offered by modern 3D software! We can use real objects and materials with an accurate likeness that offers a precise view of your hardscape design. So, creating the hardscape design in a 3D render service will provide an easy and quick guide for the builders, so they know exactly how to execute your vision.

2.    Make changes easier

If you decide to make changes to the design once you see it, it’s quick and easy to adapt a 3D rendering so that you can see in real-time what different options in your hardscapes would look like.

3.    Take a virtual walkthrough using VR

The best part of having a 3D design for hardscapes is that you can take a virtual walkthrough of what your outdoor living space will look like using virtual reality! This way, you can see your plans on a life-sized scale and placement.

4.    House a digital copy

With hardscapes and any landscape design, having a digital copy is a necessity. Even if you created a paper design, you would still need a digital copy.

5.    Easily make multiple copies

You can easily share your 3D design with others to get feedback from other household members. Plus, we will create backup copies, so nothing gets lost during the planning and building of your hardscape design.

6.    Save time

Save time with a 3D design of your hardscape because it is easier to change and share, and it is an extremely accurate template to pass on to the builders so you can save time giving them instructions. You will also save time, money and headache because you will see exactly what the design looks like in real life and can make any changes before it’s too late!

Get a 3D Design from Kansas City Hardscapes

We’re all about making hardscape design as easy as possible at Kansas City Hardscapes, which is why we offer 3D design previews. Get a 3D design for your outdoor living space project from Kansas City Hardscapes. A 3D design is easier for both parties, and will better help us, help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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