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Why You Should Include a Water Feature in Your Outdoor Retreat

Water features such as fountains, small ponds, and waterfalls have become an incredibly popular hardscaping feature among homeowners designing a backyard retreat for their home. There is a good reason for this growing trend, since water features provide many benefits and perfectly complete your outdoor space. At Kansas City Hardscapes, we can install a wide variety of water features that fit with the vision you have for hardscaping design. Before you begin this home improvement project, continue reading to learn the benefits water features provide.

Water Features Add Value to Your Home

Any hardscaping structure you add to your outdoor space will play a role in increasing the value of your home. This is especially true for water features, which can be a huge selling point for potential buyers who love outdoor decor and bring a great return on investment when a home is sold. Furthermore, if you have already settled into your forever home, the aesthetics that a water feature adds can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Water Features Bring Beauty to Your Outdoor Space

Whether you choose a waterfall or fountain, these features are beautiful and can be a source of decoration for your outdoor space. If you are looking for the perfect element to tie the look of your entire space together, an outdoor water feature is the perfect choice.

Water Features Bring the Right Kind of Noise to Your Backyard

No matter where you live, you may experience less than pleasant sounds from nearby traffic or neighbors. A fountain or waterfall is a great way to drown out unpleasant noises, and replace them with something that is relaxing and pleasant to listen to. On the other hand, maybe you have the opportunity to live in a more secluded area. The background sound of flowing water really adds to the peace and harmony of feeling relaxed in nature. Additionally, many water features have an adjustable pump, allowing you to increase or decrease the volume of water flow to your liking.

Water Features are Loved by Birds and Pets

If you have pets, a water features allows you to keep fresh water available to them at all times, which is especially important in hot climates. If you have pets who love running water, remember to use non-toxic products to keep your water clean. You will also notice just how much birds in your area enjoy your water feature, and you will have the pleasure of watching them make themselves at home in your backyard. 

If you are a homeowner living in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, and you are interested in installing a water feature in your outdoor space, consider working with Kansas City Hardscapes. The team at Kansas City Hardscapes has extensive experience and the specialized training necessary to create a beautiful and long lasting backyard retreat. To learn more about getting started, call 816-741-2035 to schedule your initial design consultation.

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