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One of the keys to a great project is budgeting; design, function, and craftsmanship are all necessary pieces to create a project that fulfills your needs while ensuring it will be around for years to come. Here at Kansas City Hardscapes we don’t cut corners and we don’t believe in “good enough.” We do spectacular projects with a spectacular crew for Kansas City’s spectacular homeowners — can you tell we’re passionate?

Enough about us, though. Let’s talk about you and your space. To the right you’ll see a project calculator. At this stage you have a meeting with one of our designers and are excitedly waiting to discuss the vision you have for your outdoor living space. To help the meeting go smoothly and to help facilitate budgeting expectations we put the calculator together.

Select what options you’re needing, wanting, or maybe just dream about. Patios, pergolas, fireplaces, and more are all selectable options. If you don’t see an option you need, let your designer know when they’re on-site. The total at the bottom of the calculator gives you a rough figure with our base prices. Keep in mind this pricing is not your final figure; this can be changed by ease of access, materials, elaborate designs, and any other upgrades you decide on as the process moves forward.

We appreciate your interest in our company, and we can’t wait to work with you!


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Mark, Jim, Chelsea, Derek, Kit, and Benjie

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