We enjoy working with our hands, working outdoors, and pouring our hearts into our projects. We strive for production excellence and customer satisfaction. We also think that quality is an integral part of outdoor living so we keep up with the newest innovations in our field.

A great outdoor space can enrich the lives of you and your family and friends. Let us build your outdoor living space and give you the ability to take back your free time. Kick back with a cold drink, sit around a fire pit, watch the kids catch lightning bugs. Slow down, enjoy, and appreciate every moment. That’s what we believe in.  That’s who we are.

Mark Deiter, Designer

I’m Mark, who will be the one to meet with you at your home to discuss your plans. I have over 20 years’ experience in sales and consulting, with 9 years in real estate as an Appraiser in Kansas City. My usual day is spent with prospective clients at their homes; I listen to your want/needs take measurements, take pictures, create a 3D design, and work with you to enhance your outdoor space. In my free time I’m with my wife, our here active kids, and our two year old Boxer. I’m an avid sports fan and K-State Alumni who loves being outdoors. You can contact me via email: Mark@KansasCityHardscapes.com or call me on my mobile: 913.626.0345.

Jim Jamis, Designer

Hi, I’m Jim, one of our project designers. I will be a contact for your project and design stage until it’s handed off to Chelsea or Derek/Kit. I have over 15 years experience in customer service and business mostly in the Golf industry. I’ll help you create an outdoor space that fits your budget and checks all your boxes. My home life revolves around my wife, my son, and my daughter. When we’re not at youth football, basketball, track meets, gymnastics, or dance recitals we can be found at home rooting for the Chiefs, Royals, and Mizzou Tigers. Feel free to contact me by email: Jim@KansasCityHardscapes.com or call me on my mobile: 816.728.2682.

Chelsea Ross, Project Coordinator

Hello, my name is Chelsea! Once you have worked with our Design team I’m the one who helps guide you until installation. I have worked in customer service and office/project management for almost 10 years. You won’t see me on site, but I am always reachable by phone or email. Putting out fires is my specialty and I love coming up with creative solutions to inevitable issues. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors with my husband and our two small children. Hiking, swimming, parks, sledding, making snowmen — it doesn’t matter the weather; if it’s outdoors you can bet we’re there! In the event I haven’t reached out to you first, or you would like to discuss something else, contact me any time via email: chelsea@kansascityhardscapes.com or on my mobile: 660.351.5655.

Derek Nadler , Project Manager/Owner

Hey everyone, I’m Derek and the third owner of Kansas City Hardscapes. I grew up with the Lewis brothers, and Kit has been my best friend since we were little. My professional background is full of craftsmanship. I worked in commercial businesses for most of my career until I decided to move to residential. Working with my hands is my passion, and I enjoy using my skills to create things. You will usually see me on site working with our crews every day. In my free time I enjoy restoring old cars and hanging with my two labs, Onyx and Mocha.

Kit Lewis, Project Manager/Owner

Hey there, my name is Kit. I’m a part owner and project manager here at Kansas City Hardscapes. I also oversee operations with my right-hand man, Derek. I have been working with Derek in construction since we graduated from Blue Springs High School in 2003. I participated in votech/construction trades my junior year in high school and it became my passion. I fell in love with the skills and knew it was what I was meant to do. A typical day consists of me being on-site with our crews, speaking with clients about upcoming projects, and spending time on maintenance. I’m married to the love of my life, Jenna; we have the most beautiful boy and a new baby on the way. If I’m not with my family, you can find me on a golf course or sitting around a fire pit. I look forward to meeting with you soon!